Family Portraits

I’ve loved getting to know families through their photos and emails. Together we create custom Holiday Cards to share with family and friends with every detail personal to them. Great for people who are ready to switch it up from taking another family photo to something refreshing and original.

Customize It:
Family portrait cards need at least 1 month notice, so if you’re interested reach out as early as possible. Contact Lana to get started!


{clients say}

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! You captured it perfectly!!!!  So excited.
– Alexa

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Thank you!  The card is perfect, just as you have drawn it.  Thank you so much!
– Mrs. B

“Lana has just completed a Christmas card for our family and I couldn’t be more delighted with the result. Her depiction of my family and our home more than surpassed my high expectations. What amazed me even more was that I was the only one who Lana met with personally. I only provided background on each family member and photographs.. Lana did the rest. and I have to say that Lana is a master of the craft. An excellent listener and observer, she easily hones in on what is important to her client. She has a unique ability to depict her subjects in a realistic, fun, and whimsical manner. Never before has putting a Christmas card together been so easy or so pleasurable.”
– Heidi 

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