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May 09

6 Tools to Simplify our Worries

Picture this:

It's a typical morning, and I rush out the door with my kids to start our 1 hour 20 minute round trip drive to drop them off at school. As I hit the close button for our garage, I catch a glimpse of the door closing before I pull down the alley.

And then it hits me... "Did I close the garage?"

Of course, I did!....Right?

But that nagging doubt starts creeping in, and I find myself going back all the way around the block to double-check if it's closed. Every morning, without fail, I repeat this routine.

But today, I had an idea. What if I waited an extra 5 seconds for the garage door to FULLY close? And then, what if I whispered to myself, "Lana, the garage door is now closed"?

And you know what? It has worked.

Taking those extra few seconds to finish the task and verbally affirm it has brought me peace.

Plus, it saved me from driving around the block, gaining back a good chunk of my time over the year.

This got me thinking. What other small actions can we take to simplify our worries and anxieties?

Are you familiar with this feeling in certain areas of your life?

Here are 6 tools I personally use to simplify worries:

1. Full Focus: This trusty planner keeps my goals and schedules organized, allowing me to stay on top of my priorities.

2. Perpetual Calendar: A reliable calendar to remember birthdays and anniversaries - because who doesn't need a little reminder now and then?

3. Voxer: An incredible app that streamlines communication with my team, all in one convenient place.

4. Peleton Meditation App: I find that even the 5-minute morning meditation sessions help me start the day on the right track.

5. Our new Notepads: They have become a lifesaver for managing endless to-do lists and keeping my thoughts in order.

6. i-phone Notes App: Because sometimes, I just need to get a thought out of my head right away, and then I can organize it later.

    If you have any other recommendations or tools that have helped you simplify your life, please share! I'm genuinely interested in hearing your insights and discovering new ways to navigate daily challenges.

    Together, let's create a community of support and inspiration to make each day a little brighter and more manageable.

    Peace and joy,

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