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Feb 03

Classroom Valentine Mailbox DIY

Does your little one need a box to collect their classroom Valentines?

Here is a simple Classroom Valentine Mailbox DIY that you can make with your little one. 

  1. Take the bottom of a shoebox and paint it or cover it with cardstock paper. 
  2. Measure the length of the shoe box. 
  3. Take a sheet of wrapping paper and trace the shoe box length with a pencil. Cut out the wrapping paper. 
  4. Using double-sided tape or glue attach the wrapping paper to the inside of the box so that it makes a dome shape over the box. 
  5. Cut a simple mailbox flag shape out of card stock or leftover shoe box and attach it with double-sided tape or glue. 
  6. Have your child write their name on the box and decorate it as their heart desires. We added vintage stamps and heart stickers to ours. 
Valentine's day Mailbox
I might be a biased but I think this heart wrapping paper is just perfect for it!
heart wrapping paper
Hope you found this tutorial helpful! Happy Valentine's Day!
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