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Nov 22

Easy Ways to be Kind

Ready for World Kindness Day?

At Lana’s Shop we think one day just isn’t enough, so we’re throwing a week-long Kindness Party!

Share your big, beautiful heart with the world!



Kindness Day 1: For Children 

The awesome mission at Toys for Tots is to remember every child with a new gift at Christmas. This year I’ve got a feeling they’re gonna need more donations than ever. So, if you’re able to pitch in, please share a little holiday love and kindness:

Drop a toy or book into their virtual donation bin.
Or make a monetary donation


Kindness Day 2: For Healthcare Workers

Our 18 million healthcare workers are still working around the clock, especially as COVID cases are back on the rise. These heroes put their lives on the line for all of us, and they deserve a huge THANK YOU.

Just think: If each of you sent one handwritten thank you note this afternoon, that would be hundreds of kind messages flying out into the world. Let’s do it!

Find your perfect card and hospital contacts at 18 Million Thanks. After you write a short note and pop it into the mail, be sure to add to 18 Million Thanks tracker to help meet the goal of 18 million. Your kind words make such a big difference!

Your message can be really simple, but it’s gotta come from the heart. Here’s an example:

Dear Healthcare Hero,
Thanks for all the good work you do every day to help our families and friends.

We’re all out here cheering for you!



Kindness Day 3: For Small Businesses

100,000 small business have closed in 2020? That makes my heart hurt so much.

If you have a friend or family member with a small business, here’s how you can support them today.

Share this image to your feed and help spread the word! And remember to shop small this holiday season!


Kindness Day 4: For Teachers


Teachers are always heroes, but this year they deserve our appreciation more than ever before. Why not send a cute card to let your child’s teacher know just how much they are loved?

Here’s a sweet and simple note we sent to Silas’s amazing teacher:

Dear Ms. Hilary,

Thank you for creating a fun and safe educational environment for our child during this difficult year. We're so lucky that Silas has you as a teacher! You’ve made such a positive impact on our child's life. We can't thank you enough.


Kindness Day 5: For You! 

Rest to rise. Ever hear that saying? It’s so easy to get exhausted, especially during these wild days when we’re prioritizing everything but ourselves. So, here’s your self-care homework assignment: 

Take a deep breath, and then another. Consider blocking off a day to rest and recharge. (And if you can’t manage a whole day, then at least give yourself an hour.)

Don’t: Clean the house, check emails, or worry about any of the nagging things that “should” be done.

Do: Sing! Dance! Make a snow angel! Or just snuggle up with a book by the fireplace. Give yourself permission to enjoy the awesome beauty of just being you.

Kindness Day 6: For Elders

In the age of social distancing, it’s easy to feel lonely, especially if you’re a senior. Call an older person in your life and ask a few questions. They can be meaningful, or simple, or just silly! The thing is, everyone wants to be heard, and attention is a kind of love that we all can share.

Need ideas? Here are a few questions that might help get the conversation rolling:

  • What’s the first car you remember driving?
  • Do you have a favorite song?
  • What did you like to eat when you were a child?


Kindness Day 7: For the Planet 

Mother Earth is a beautiful living gift. Let’s give our fragile planet some big love in return! 

Gratitude: Treasure everything you take.
Respect: Don’t take more than you need.
Give Back: Find a way to give back and help the earth to thrive!

Looking for ideas? Check out @MicheleHartLoves Eco-Swap initiative. Sign up here. She makes it super easy, with tips, product suggestions, inspiration, and encouragement. Michele also started a new campaign through One Tree Planted as part of her toilet paper Eco-Swap challenge: One dollar plants one tree. You can make a donation here


Remember, friends: If we all do one thing, it will sure add up! Tell me how it goes! 

Love and light,

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