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Feb 08

Forest themed boy nursery

If you are looking for some inspiration for a forest-themed nursery or mountain-themed nursery, you've come to the right place. I am so excited to share my son's modern forest nursery complete with watercolor forest wallpaper, modern nursery furniture, and personal details. 

 modern forest themed nursery

Welcome to baby Silas’ forest. As an artist, I’ve been dreaming about painting our little babe his own wallpaper since I knew I was pregnant. We live in Colorado and are big nature fans, so our vision was to create a space that felt calm, outdoorsy, peaceful, and modern. My husband loves to decorate spaces as much as I do, so we had a lot of fun with it. 

forest wallpaper with blue watercolor trees

Starting with a vision board helped us stay on track with what we really wanted. It ensured the coloring and style was consistent:

modern boys nursery mood board

The Design

I painted evergreen trees in muted blue and green tones. We chose a forest scene because my we wanted Silas’ room to be able to grow with him (and not feel too baby-baby). Plus, his name does mean ‘forest’ after all. We wallpapered the entire room to really make a statement. I was a little nervous it would be overboard, but honestly it makes us smile every time we walk in. You can now purchase this wallpaper and more on our site

watercolor forest trees wallpaper in shades of blueforest trees wallpaper perfect for mountain themed nurseries

The Details

First came the wallpaper and then came the crib. Ouef crib had the modern style we were looking for. Then, since we already had carpeting in the room, we added a small organic sheepskin rug. It’s super soft to stand on when we’re placing baby down to sleep. The dresser is from Room and Board and has plenty of space for all his clothes and blankets. Since we wanted his room to grow with him, instead of buying a changing table we bought the dresser and put a changing pad on top. We bought the mountain shelf from Etsy and added hooks to make it multi-purpose. The bookshelf and coordinating side tables are from Terrain. The tables are originally intended for a garden but we knew they’d be a unique fit for our forest decor. The photography on the walls are images my husband captured, and we always keep a ukulele in the room (Silas loves when dad plays to him). We have a sonos set up for playlists and goodnight dance sessions, and his Land of Nod (now called Crate&Kids) night-light keeps the room just dark enough for him to rest easy. We added a few house plants to create a happy, lively feel. (Just make sure you get ones that don’t need a lot of light. I find that most often the shutters are closed since it’s nap time.) Last, we secured a mirror high above his changing table (since anything in arms reach can be dangerous) and he loves it! Usually babies love mirrors, so it’s fun to have a big one in his room for smiles.

modern boy nursery modern adventure themed nursery

forest wallpaper boys nursery forest trees nursery wallpaper

Keywords I kept in mind when designing this nursery:

  • Modern
  • Cozy
  • Peaceful
  • Silas means ‘of the forest’
  • Timeless
  • Fresh


What I bought

Crib - Ouef

Rocking Chair - Pottery Barn Kids

Wool Sheepskin Rug - Overland 

Dresser - Room and Board

Side Tables -Terrain

Bookcase -Terrain

Lamp - West Elm

Night Light - Land of Nod which is now Crate&kids

Mountain shelf - Etsy

Hooks for shelf - Rejuvenation

Blanket-made by Silas’ grandma

Bear Rocker - Pottery Barn Kids  

Changing Pad - Keekaroo Peanut Changer (Amazon) 

Click here to see how we transformed his room when his little sister arrived. 

transforming a nursery for a sibling

You can shop this forest wallpaper and all of our nursery wallpaper designs on our site here. 

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