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Oct 23

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

Have a foodie friend in your life and new a Christmas gift? I've got you! I've curated a round up of gift ideas that they are sure to love. 

If you scroll down past the collage, you will be able to read a description of each gift idea. 

Foodie Christmas Gift Guide

1. Halycon Blend from Corvus Coffee

I love this coffee. And they even have monthly subscriptions which would make a great gift! Or a single bag works great as a stocking stuffer. 

2. Buttercream Painting Course from Sleeping Makes Me Hungry

Are you following Alana on Instagram? Her work always make me so inspired. Well, now you can learn from her! She has a few courses out and we think this Peony & Greens Buttercream Painting course would be so fun to do! And of course would make a great gift for a friend who likes to bake. 

3. Happy Hour Gift Wrap from Lana's Shop

Ok, so technically this is not a gift. But I know the foodie in your life would appreciate this cocktail wrapping paper! 

4. Tree Cookie Cutter from Holly Fox

The shop has cookie cutters in every shape under the sun!

5. Caramels from Big Picture Farm

These special caramels are made by this adorable family-owned farm and come in a darling box.

6. Handmade Ceramic Spoonrest from Handmade Studio TN

Everything this artist makes is just beautiful. 

7. Food Market Tea Towel from Lana's Shop

We might be biased, but we think this tea towel makes the perfect gift for the Foodie in your life. Plus, it was just featured in Real Simple!

8. Teakwood Cocktail Shaker from S'well 

We are big S'well water bottle fans over here. This woman-owned company does a lot of good in the world (providing clean water access to many who don’t have access). So, I was super excited when I saw this cocktail shaker. 

9. Sweet Basil Kitchen Cookbook from Oh Sweet Basil

A favorite cookbook in our house and would make a lovely gift for anyone who loves to cook. 

We hope this Foodie Christmas Gift Guide was helpful for your holiday shopping this year!


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