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Sep 15

10 Christmas Wrapping Ideas That Won't Disappoint

It might be what’s inside that counts, but hey, no reason not to spend time on the presentation of the gifts we intend to delight our friends and fam with. So, step up your gift wrapping game with these creative and simple Christmas wrapping paper ideas.

Christmas wrapping ideas

1. Start with quality paper.

As someone who designs gift wrap, it's fair to say I might be a touch biased on this one. But I think there's nothing more frustrating than wrapping a gift to see a corner gets torn after you're done. Thin paper doesn't do justice to the careful consideration that went into getting the perfect gift. 

high end christmas wrapping paper

2. Add an ornament. 

This is a fun one. If you happen to see an ornament that you know someone will just love, add it to the outside of their gift. 

dinosaur christmas wrapping paper

3. Layer patterns and colors. 

Can't decide between two gift wraps? Good news, you don't have to! Layering patterns can be so fun! Try to pick one pattern that is more simple, like stripes or our bestselling Peaceful Forest gift wrap and then pick a busier one. 

Or like Holiday Dogs gift wrap paired with this classic Red Checkered gift wrap

dog christmas wrapping paper

4. Add a jingle bell

Jingle bells are an inexpensive but festive addition to any gift. 

Hanukkah wrapping paper


5. Pick a wrapping paper that the gift receiver will love too 

Is your friend a dog mama? Or does your child love dinosaurs. Find a gift wrap that will put a smile on their face before they even open your gift. 

dog christmas wrapping paper  

Shop this mint puppy gift wrap here. 

6. Add a fun gift tag.

Gone are the days of cheesy To and From stickers. Add a gift tag with some personality to your gift. 

cute christmas gift tags

7. Add a touch of greenery.

There is nothing like the smell of evergreen, right? Grab your scissors and add a little sprig to add to your gift. Another idea would be to add a pinecone. 

greenery christmas gift

8. Use a high quality ribbon.

Personally, we love a simple twine. But there is nothing quite like a soft frayed silk ribbon, luxurious velvet ribbon, or even a chunky yarn to add a special touch. 

silk frayed ribbon christmas

9. Add a card.

Instead of a gift tag, write your heartfelt message on a card and tuck it under the ribbon. You could tell the gift receiver why the gift made them think of you. Or some of your favorite memories from the year. Check out our festive cards here

non-photo christmas card

10. Use wrapping paper scraps to make tags. 

Ran out of gift tags and don't have time to get more? Don't fret! Use those wrapping paper scraps to make a gift tag. I even have a free template to help. 

DIY christmas tags

11. Wrap early!!

Okay, I know I said 10 tips, but if you've ever stayed up late wrapping a bunch of gifts the night before Christmas, only to wake up groggy on the morning of Christmas, this tip is for you.

The best way to wrap in my opinion, is to wrap 2 or 3 gifts at a time, preferably with Netflix in the background and your favorite glass of wine. But to achieve this, you must start early. Like beginning of December or even November! Stock up on your wrapping supplies early so you can tackle those gifts. 

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