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Oct 19

How-to Create Easy, Hand-Painted Pumpkins!

I’m loving the look of pretty painted pumpkins this fall, and I want to teach you how to make your own in one easy to follow DIY guide!


Maybe, like me, you want to take a little break from the crazy of life and break out those paint brushes for some relaxation, or maybe you want to check something fun off of your fall bucket list. Maybe you’re just curious about how I painted this pumpkin and have zero intention of actually doing it yourself (I see you, buddy!) and that is all A.O.K. with me! 

Anyway, let’s dive in, shall we? 

What you need:
  • One White Pumpkin

I used this pretty faux white pumpkin from Target. It’s already a crisp white and I love the warm bronze finish of the stem. Of course, you can do this with a real pumpkin too, and paint it white, but I wanted to have a smoother canvas to start with. Natural pumpkins have all kinds of warts and bumps (which I LOVE) but they can make the painting process pretty tricky. Keep in mind, the faux pumpkin is lightweight, so it acts best as a table centerpiece or statement piece to your indoor decor so it won’t blow away! 

  • Acrylic Paint

This is the acrylic paint I used. 

You really don’t need a lot. I’d suggest picking just two colors, plus a white to mix with. I don’t recommend kids using this paint - so let the adults do the painting on this one. 

  • Water bowl
Note: Acrylic paint is pretty thick, you don’t need very much water, mostly just to clean the brushes in between. 
  • Paint brush
  • Pencil  
This is my go-to pencil.
  • Paper Plate  
  • Newspaper

And now for the steps:
  1.  Your pumpkin arrives (along with the $150 worth of other stuff you ordered from Target when you only meant to buy one $7 pumpkin, because doesn’t this always happen with Target?) - Yippee!

  2. Cover up your workspace with the newspaper to protect from any paint splatters.

  3. Use the pencil to draw your design onto the pumpkin. You can easily erase so don’t worry about making a mistake. I drew an easy design of some bigger leaves and stems all over mine - but let your creativity guide you! 

  4. Mix your paints on the paper plate

  5. Paint in your design and let it dry

  6. Display your pumpkin proudly and add a pop of style to your festive indoor decorations!

  7. Post a pic on social and tag me @lanasshop -- I’d love to see your design!

  8. Pour yourself a glass of wine, sip a hot toddy, or enjoy a good pumpkin stout to celebrate your artistic genius! 

If you run into any questions while you’re tackling this project, I’m here to help. Email me at with the subject line PUMPKIN and I’ll get right back to you!
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