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Apr 25

How to Keep your Produce Fresh?

Never ever have I bought this much food in one single grocery store run as in this past month!

How about you?

There are some full fridges happening around here for sure. My hubby says our kitchen looks like it used to when I was pregnant with Sy. Eye roll, and yet, he’s totally right!

Full fridge equals endless possibilities, and it has also slowly been killin’ me inside because you better believe I will shed a tear if one itty bitty blackberry grows that gross white fuzz on it. We are so blessed to have this food, and I just don’t want a single nibble to not get eaten up and appreciated. Must. Stop. The. Waste. Now.

I became determined to learn all I could on how to properly store and preserve groceries. I mean tomatoes: countertop or fridge?

So, teamed up with Michele Hart my much more knowledgeable friend on the topic. Michele's the most down to earth, caring, homeschooling mama who is sharing her life and journey towards a more minimal and sustainable lifestyle on Instagram.

Yes, please to all of that! 

She taught me all her tricks and thought together we’d pass along the knowledge to you in a pretty, easy-to-follow, painted format.

Print this out, hang it on your fridge or inside a nearby cabinet until it’s second nature, and have fun with it!!!!

I love how Michele is even using it in her #quarantine homeschooling; see the adorable video below of her daughter.

While on the topic of doing good for our world, did you like our recyclable “dos and don’ts” download? If you missed it, you can also print that out from here.

Helpful shopable links: 

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Helpful keyword definitions:

Canning is the process of boiling - mostly fruit - in jars that both kills bacteria and creates an airtight seal and allows us to keep produce stored in pantries for long periods of time. Jam is a really common thing to can and home canning looks very similar to the store bought kind - little jars and lids that pop when you open them. 

Curing is the process of adding salt to draw out the moisture to preserve something (common with meats, but can also be done with veggies). 

Fermenting it uses healthy microorganisms to preserve food a little longer but it still needs to be refrigerated.  

Blanching + Freezing is putting food in hot water for a brief period of time, it supposedly helps to preserve flavor, color and texture of vegetables before freezing them. It is only needed for certain veggies. And then you can freeze the fruits and veggie for long periods of time.

Drying/Dehydrating is the process of taking all the moisture out of something to help it keep longer. You can dry produce in the sun, oven or in a dehydrator.

Happy Earth Week!

photography by Michele Hart

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