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Sep 03

Lana's 5 Favorite Art Supplies

The 5 Art Supplies I use
daily in my work

I buy it in blocks. They call it a block cause it's thick like a block and you tear off a sheet of paper as you go. I use the pink cover kind, that is Hot Press paper meaning the paper doesn't have that toothy, watercolor look, and is smoother. Hot Press paper works better for the paint and style I want to achieve. But if you want that classic texture get Cold Press.

A magical easer that doesn't give off any of that pink, irritating, eraser "stuff" when you use it. Kneaded is the only way to go for painting!! I first sketch onto my Arches paper, then use my kneaded eraser to make my sketch lines very faint before I put paint down on top.

These handy pens come in a variety of sizes. My favorite go-to for signing cards or for the sketching. The 01 pen size is my favorite, but it’s because I love thinner, dainty lines. Try out a few.

Yup, that’s really how you spell it. Gouache is water based paint like watercolor but more vibrant in some ways and it requires using a lot less water. It also has a white option. They're a lot of fun. In college I worked solely in colored pencils, acrylic and oil paint. One day my college professor was throwing away his Gouache Paints and asked if i might want to play around with them. I happily accepted and never looked back.

If you have any art supply questions please email me. Always very happy to help!

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