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Dec 17

Last-minute homemade gift for the win

Taste what happens when eggnog meets snickerdoodles

It happens every year. I scramble and hurry and suddenly there’s no time left to get anything else in the mail. Gah!

But I’ve still got special people on my list who need an extra-perfect gift!

So, you know what I do? (After I’m done freaking out a little bit…) I put on my big-girl apron and go the homemade route! It's always the right decision, and it’s totally fun and creative too.

Wanna give it a try?

Here’s an awesome idea for a meaningful gift you can make—and bake!

It’s a fantastic recipe from Alana, a super-inspiring local baker and pastry artist whose feed is completely drool worthy.  I mean look how gorgeous…

That’s why I was beyond excited when Alana agreed to make a custom holiday cookie recipe to share with us this season!

And when she generously passed off cookies to me to see and try in person, I almost couldn’t imagine eating it because it was too pretty. But of course I did, and it was sooo delicious too.


Give it a try!

download recipe Download recipe
 Eggnog Snickerdoodles with Eggnog Glaze


When you’re done baking, wrap those beautiful snicker-babies in a cello sleeve, or any festive holiday container you happen to have on hand.

Then, tie on a tag from the photo here or make your own tag.

Tell me how it goes! I’d love for you to share your oven masterpieces—or hilarious disasters! Because we’ve all got crazy holiday baking stories.

P.S. Oh, and check out her Kitchen Tool Gift Guide. So super helpful.


Photos by Calli Hobbs and Alana

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