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Aug 09

Make your own chalkboard sign

Make your own chalkboard sign

Have you always wanted to make a chalkboard sign for your next event, but say to yourself, "I'm not an artist! Where do I even start?" Well, listen up friends... you can do it, promise!

What you’ll need:

You can buy a chalkboard online like this one, or head over to your local Hobby Lobby store and pick one up instead! Chalkboards typically don’t come "seasoned", which means the surface isn’t ready for the chalk yet.

3 Easy steps to season your chalkboard

1. Use the side of a piece of chalk, rub the entire board vertically.

2. Repeat horizontally

3. Erase (you can just use a paper towel)

Now your chalkboard is ready to use!

Draw your design in pencil first and then color it in with your chalk. Don't want to get your hands all chalky? No problem! The easy solution - use chalk markers!

There are a ton out there that are richer in color and easier to use than basic chalk. You’ll love 'em!! They come in different colors and thicknesses, which gives you a wide variety of options for your project. My go-to chalk marker is the thin white one. 

I’m not a learned calligrapher myself, so I too, need to look at fonts (that's the typeface you choose to write your words) when I draw. You can look at one on your computer, or if you're not sure you can draw it onto your board freehand don't worry, just trace it!

How to trace your design

Design your wording, you can use InDesign or a basic word document

Then you print that out on a 4x4 sheet of paper and place it under a projector.

Turn off all of the lights and draw your design right onto the chalkboard in pencil. Pencil can be hard see sometimes, but at least you'll have some idea of where your letters are.

Then trace it in your chalk pen!
If you mess up, no problem! Just wet a paper towel, erase, and you can try again.

If you change your mind and want to start all over, and wetting a paper towel isn’t enough, you can use chalk paint to re-paint your board and have a fresh surface. It's easy and works like a charm!

Click HERE to view our past chalkboard designs for inspiration!

Or, if you are local to Denver, we'd love to customize one for you. Click on our contact form and let's get started!

Hope this helps! If you have any questions, please ask away!

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