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Dec 14

Nature Walk Perpetual Calendar

Introducing the Nature Walk Calendar!

This perpetual calendar helps you remember those special dates - like birthdays and anniversaries - from year to year. There’s no need to buy another calendar every January, because this is a forever calendar—a sustainable solution to marking the days in a beautiful way.

birthday calendar

I love the idea of charting the most important dates of my busy year, so I never overlook a big event. Give it a try! Just write down a name or celebration you want to highlight, and you’re ready to save the date. Whimsical illustrations from the natural world—including animals, flowers, trees, and seashells—keep you company as you move through the months.

birthday calendar

Printed with original, hand-painted artwork on heavy cardstock. Hang it on your wall and you'll always remember those special dates! Makes for an excellent gift that is useful, practical, and oh-so pretty.

Grab your calendar here


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