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Jun 07

Not sure what to write Dad?

Not sure what to write? Don’t let that be the reason you don’t give a card this year. We got you. Remember, short and sweet goes a long way.

Wish him a happy father’s day
A simple “Dear dad” or “Happy Father’s Day!” is enough to celebrate the occasion
Thank him
Share qualities you admire and express what you’re grateful for. Thank him for his influence in your life. If your relationship is complicated, focus on what is positive and true.
Share a memory
Share a sweet or funny memory they’ll connect with.
Close with love
Father’s Day cards are for showing the men in your life how loved they are. Express your warmth and appreciation to close the message.


And remember! Father’s Day cards are not just for your dad. There are lots of fathers in your life who deserve some love.

For your dad

For your son who is a dad

For your grandpa

For your brother who is a dad

For your baby daddy

For your father-in-law

For a father-like figure

For a first-time dad

From your kid

From your pet

...and all the other dads you know! (and women playing the single-mom role of both parents 💪)

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