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Feb 01

Proof to Product Podcast Feature

I have some exciting news! I was invited to speak on a podcast. And let me tell you, public speaking is NOT my forte. (My dad’s? Yes. My brother’s? Totally. But those genes completely skipped me.) So, I was terrified, and nervous, and questioning everything. Like, why did they even ask ME to do this in the first place? I was SO nervous! But I said yes.

Because Proof to Product is my absolute favorite podcast to listen to.

And the episode with my interview aired last week! (True story: I was so scared that my husband poured me some vino and tied me to our chair while I listened. Not exaggerating!)

The thing is, I really wanted it to be helpful for anybody listening. And, despite my nerves and fear, it actually turned out well. I’ve received encouraging messages from customers, peers, and friends who tell me that they enjoyed the podcast. And I’m so happy because they also said they plan to take a few of the tips and experiences I shared and apply them to their own businesses.

The whole experience is such a good reminder: Even when something seems like it might be out of our league, we should still give it a try. Don’t let fear get in the way! The world needs to hear your voice and your story. You can make a meaningful impact.

proof to product podcast feature


Maybe this can be the year YOU find the courage to try something that you’ve been afraid of. Let me know your plans so I can cheer you on.

Peace and love,
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