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Nov 09

The Story Behind our From Santa Wrapping Paper

Keep the magic of Santa alive with this official from Santa wrapping paper featuring whimsical colors and Santa's name.

How did I come with the idea for this special Santa gift wrap you wonder? Well, it starts with a little story. 

Twas the night before Christmas 2020, and I was so proud of myself for having all the gifts wrapped with hours left in the day. But, as I looked around at my good work, I suddenly started to panic: Would my eagle-eyed toddler son realize the gifts from Santa were wrapped in the same wrapping paper as the gifts from his family??? Oh my!! 

So, I texted multiple Christmas-expert pals to ask what they do. Their answers were mixed: One camp told their kids that Santa doesn't wrap the gifts; the other camp was in favor of wrapping Santa's gifts in completely different wrapping paper. Sigh. You know what I did, right? Yup. I unwrapped all of my hard work at 11 pm and rewrapped the gifts with a different paper. 

Here’s what I believe with my whole heart: Seeing a gift wrapped just for you is special. It makes you feel important and loved.

So, I gave myself a new project: made Santa his very own, official wrapping paper. And I’m offering it for all you incredible gift-givers out there spreading happinessThis hand-painted wrap isn’t traditional, shiny, or even red. But it’s loaded with Santa hats in whimsical colors, and Santa’s name is scattered all around, so everyone will instantly know that the gift is from him. 

From Santa Wrapping Paper

And remember to keep it a secret! But maybe tell me how it goes?

special santa wrapping paper



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