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Jan 27

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I’ve gotta be honest. Gift-giving has never come naturally to me. I adore and follow so many brands, but every time I needed to find a gift, I would go into full-on panic mode.

What’s up with that? I knew I needed to figure this out. And the solution was really so simple, you guys. Like so many problems, this one was all about organization: I just started keeping an ongoing “gift list” in that notes app on my phone, and now I don't forget good ideas anymore. I’ll add key names (ex. MIL) or themes (kid birthday gifts) so I have a running list that I can use as a reminder. That’s it! Just wanted to pass along that handy tip in case you’re in the same boat.

Speaking of gifts…

Valentine’s Day is coming! Yay! And I want to make it as easy as possible for you to send some love and sunshine to all your sweeties, near and far.

Gifts & Goodies

Here’s my Valentine’s Day round-up of awesome and adorable gifts—along with the perfect cards to go with each of them. As always, each card is created by hand, with love.

Cool note: These companies all use natural ingredients, are soooo gorgeous, and are committed to the most inspiring missions! Great products supporting great causes. What’s not to love?


For your significant other

Card  /  Gift
I had the pleasure of becoming friends with Sarah, the kind visionary behind S’well bottles, when she got married in Colorado. (I actually designed her wedding invitations, and we even made a few custom S’wells for her guests!) Besides the timeless design of the bottles, and the fact that they truly keep your drinks cold for hours on end, you’ll love S’well because the company is on a mission to rid the world of single-use plastic bottles. Since 2017 they’ve also committed $1.4 million to providing clean and safe water to the world’s most vulnerable communities. Wow.


For your little one

Card  Gift
Is it an ocean? A sandy beach? Nope! It’s actually the most amazing play dough you’ve ever seen. The classic, old-school toy everyone loves is new again, and this time it’s got glitter. Land of Dough play dough is handmade in the USA with the help of exceptional individuals challenged with disabilities. Carefully crafted from all-natural ingredients, and scented with calming essential oils, it’s simply the most unique, wonderful, and sustainable dough on the planet.


For your galentine

Card  /  Gift
Of course, I’m a big fan of this candle’s message, "kindness is cool,” but the more you learn about this amazing, woman-owned company, the more I think you’ll love it too. Ginger June Candle Co. operates out of a tiny, lakeside Quonset hut in Hayden, Idaho. There, a team of three women manage all the design, manufacturing, and shipping of these natural and sustainable soy candles, available in dreamy fragrances from mermaid to cactus flower. You know what makes them even more beautiful? They contribute three percent of all their profits to animal rescue charities.


Give your heart, give a gift, and share the sweetest season! 


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