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The Story of Packadoo

Back when I was looking for some playful learning tools for my two-year-old, I couldn't find anything that felt truly special and cool. So, I grabbed my brushes and started to paint a set of ABC flashcards. We called them Packadoo. (Full confession: My son actually came up with the name when we were brainstorming on a hike!)


That first edition of Packadoo was camping-themed, with sweet illustrations inspired the mountains, forests, and wild creatures that my family loves.


For the second edition of Packadoo—the Foodie Edition—I drew inspiration from my favorite room: The kitchen! (Yours too?) Around our house, we LOVE food, but convincing the kids to try new and unfamiliar things can be a huge challenge. So, these friendly little food cards are here to help! Each hand-painted illustration can open up a new food conversation while also teaching the ABCs in a relaxed and playful way.


These A-Z cards for little explorers are unique to anything on the market. My hope is that they will become a treasured keepsake for your child. They can also be passed down from kid to kid, or neighbor, or cousin, or park pal. You can also choose Packadoo as your beautiful go-to gift to share with friends and family.


When it comes to kiddos, I know that toys typically wind up in the mouth, so you can feel good knowing that Packadoo cards are non-toxic. This durable deck of cards is printed in the USA, and it can withstand a little water, so if you get stuck in a rainstorm just enjoy those puddles and then wipe the cards dry. 


Last thing: From one mom to another, I really just hope you love these Packadoo cards. And if I can answer any of your questions, I’m right here at the shop and always ready to chat!