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“Not as Perfect As We’d Like” Cards


Admittedly, Lana is a bit of a perfectionist, and sometimes after printing, we end up with a selection of cards and stationery with slight imperfections that (mostly) only she would notice, but don’t get included in our final sale line. But these cards can still bring smiles and need some love, too! So, we’re offering these “Not As Perfect As We’d Like” cards at sample sale pricing. You might notice things like an imperfect fold, or a dot in the paper fibers, but otherwise, these cards are of the next best quality and a great chance for you to stock up at a reduced price.

5 Greeting Cards of Lana's Choice
5 Single Gift Tags of Lana's Choice


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Great quality, I loved each thing that was included and saw no errors!

Perfect cards

Not as perfect as Lana would like cards and tags. Well I could not find anything wrong with these beautiful artistic cards. My 89 yr old Mom loved them as I gave to her.


These cards and gift tags are so adorable. I can't see anything wromg with them!

"Not As Perfect As We'd Like Cards"

First, I was THRILLED that this was an option. I love surprises and it was so fun waiting to get this in the mail to discover what cards and tags were included. Second, I was ABOVE AND BEYOND pleased with the cards and gift tags. I honestly couldn't even find the "imperfections" on any of them. Lana makes gorgeous pieces of art and I am so glad she chooses to share them with the world in this format. I'm looking forward to sharing the cards with friends and family to brighten their days. Third, I first heard about Lana's Shop when my husband and I stumbled upon her store in Denver on our honeymoon. I'm so glad I thought to look up her website and will continue purchasing items from her into the future. 5 stars all the way!

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